Where to go on exchange in The Netherlands?

An exchange program is the perfect opportunity to explore a new country and a new culture. Many students not only take home new experiences but also a newfound perspective on life. Once you have decided to come to The Netherlands for your studies, it is time to decide on which university and which city you want to go to. You're probably already considering going to Amsterdam, but just so you choose the right place for you, we have a few other great options for you.

Study in amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the best cities for students according to the QS Student Cities Ranking List. It is the capital of The Netherlands and is quite famous for its bike-friendly culture and a pretty amazing nightlife. The city has two high-ranking universities, namely the University of Amsterdam (UvA) (ranked 57th in the world) and the Vrije University (VU) (ranked 199th in the world). Both schools are great and offer almost all courses in English as well as Dutch. Finding student housing in Amsterdam is quite the challenge and it is always advised that you start your search on time. Check out all the available rooms, studios and apartments in Amsterdam. The city has a great appeal for all students who like a rich, colorful and exciting stay in a big city.

Study in Delft

Delft is sometimes referred to as small Amsterdam, because the historic centers of both cities are quite alike. They differ mostly in size, Delft is a lot smaller, making it a lot cosier. The city has a very rich history and is home to iconic artists like Johannes Vermeer, you know, the guy who painted the girl with the pearl earring. The Technical University Delft (TU Delft) may be the only university in Delft, but it is also one of the best universities in Europe. The university has a large campus that is on walking distance from the city centre, so a lot of students chose to live in Delft. You can find student housing in Delft here. The city is perfect if you are looking for a more technical oriented study program.

Study in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam has a international and urban atmosphere. As a result of the bombing during the Second World War; the city had to be rebuilt, giving the city a more modern feel than the rest of the country. The Erasmus University of Rotterdam is a world-renowned business school. The school is ranked at number 90 of best universities in the world. There is a lot of housing for international students in the city, but there are also a lot of international companies and expats. You can choose to live anywhere in Rotterdam when studying at Erasmus since public transport will get you to Uni in no time.  Check out our website for rooms, studios or other student apartments in Rotterdam– be quick because it is a popular destination!

Study in Leiden

Leiden is just 15 minutes away from The Hague and 30 minutes from both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Leiden is a smaller city, but because of its many canals looks and feels just like a more peaceful Amsterdam. The University of Leiden is known for their law, social sciences and chemistry departments. It also happens to be the oldest University in The Netherlands – a lot of Dutch royals, including the King Willem Alexander,  have attended the school. Do you want to live and study like the Dutch royals? Then we recommend renting a room in the historic center of Leiden. The city is known for the large number of students so making friends should be easy! The city is also known for their sororities, fraternities and student associations. You can join one or simply partake in their activities as it is a great way to experience Dutch student life.

Study in Den Haag (The Hague)

The political capital of The Netherlands is The Hague (Or Den Haag as we Dutch like to call it). The city is known for the International Court of Justice where important political matters of the world are decided. It also houses the parliament of the Netherlands and most of the international embassies and diplomats. The city also has two famous palaces. In short, it is a beautiful backdrop, a multicultural city and an international meeting point. You can study at The Hague University of Applied Sciences– the most popular university of the city. Parts of the faculties of the University of Leiden are also located in The Hague, as it is only a 15-minute train ride away. Living in The Hague is a lot of fun as the most popular beach of The Netherlands is situated here. In spring and summer, both locals and tourists come to the beach to enjoy the sun and some drinks. You can find housing anywhere in the city, from student flats to studios and apartments. To find suitable and available student housing in The Hague, you can look at Kamernet.

Study in Maastricht

In the very south of The Netherlands one can find the beautiful city of Maastricht. The city is close to the borders of neighboring countries Germany and Belgium. This is perfect if you like to visit more than one country while on exchange. Being so close to the border has given the city many positive influences from other European countries. Therefore, many people speak multiple languages. Maastricht University is the most popular university of the region and quite popular for international exchange students. To find student housing in the city, you should start your search early. You will find the best room, studio or apartment in Maastricht if you allow yourself a bit more time.

Study in Utrecht

At the heart and center of The Netherlands you can find Utrecht. A central city with even more endearing canals, but there are also historic townhouses and the impressive Dom tower. Besides historical buildings, you can find great shopping streets, restaurants and cafés in the city. For students, there are many activities and student associations. Utrecht University is ranked on the 80th spot on the world's best universities. To find housing in the historic center, which is beautiful and full of students and unique café’s, you should start your search as fast as possible since it's a popular student destination. Check Kamernet for suitable student housing in Utrecht!

Study in Groningen

In the far north of the Netherlands there is one city very appealing for students: Groningen. It is the largest city of the north and is known for how many students reside there. The University of Groningen is ranked 90th in the world. You can find housing and join student houses by reacting on offers on Kamernet – a lot of students place an ad for new roommates on our website. So, for housing in Groningen check Kamernet. Also one more fun fact – Groningen was elected the best city center of The Netherlands for quite some years in a row. But don't take our word for it, go experience it yourself!

No matter where you go, you will enjoy the Netherlands!

All of the previously mentioned cities are only hours or, in some cases, minutes removed from each other. So, you can travel in Holland and see and enjoy the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. However, it might be nice to find a place close to your uni so you can spend the rest of the time exploring the rest of the country! Enjoy your stay!