An example rental agreement for your stay in The Netherlands

Arranging housing in the Netherlands can be challenging, therefore, we'd like to make it a little easier for you. You can find your room via Kamernet – that is the easy part. After you found a suitable home, you must sign a rental agreement that includes all the terms of your stay. This is important because the agreement can be helpful if in case of an accident in the house or if you plan to stay a longer (or shorter) amount of time.

What is included in a rental agreement in the Netherlands?

A rental agreement in the Netherlands should include the following points:

  • Both your and your landlord's name and signature
  • The duration of your tenancy.
  • The amount of rent and when it should be paid.
  • How the rent must be canceled and when the rent can be increased
  • Whether the tenant has a so-called cooperative right
  • If he or she can propose a new tenant upon departure
  • Use of the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, washing machine etc)
  • About the cleaning of these common areas and facilities
  • Whether pets are allowed
  • Agreements about privacy and nuisance, for example whether the rooms are lockable
  • Whether visitors and guests are allowed

These are the most important details and should be entered correct in your rental agreement. You can find examples over here:

Please keep in mind that it is an example that should be carefully examined and applied to your personal situation.

Good luck and enjoy your stay!