How to find a job as an exchange student in The Netherlands

E xchange can be rather expensive and it is understandable that you would like to earn something extra on the side. That way, you can splurge a little more on fun activities or nice outfits, and who would not like that? However, it is maybe not that easy thinking of jobs that you could take as a foreign exchange student. That’s where we would like to help you. We made an overview of part time jobs that you can have next to your studies in The Netherlands.

First, it is good to know that if you are a EU/EEU resident, you have the same rights for working like the Dutch students, so no permit is required. The only exception is for students from Bulgaria and Romania; students from these countries must apply for a permit first.

1. Requirement websites

The easiest way to find a job is by checking available part time jobs, for example on this website. You can easily filter through the different jobs by selecting the amount of hours you want to work and where you want to work. You might just find one time well paying jobs as well – like working at events.

2. Ask locals

Have you made some friends or met nice people? Then ask them if they know some kind of job or chore for you. They might have some good ideas.

3. Bars, restaurants and hotels

If you need a job, you can best just walk into local bars, restaurants or hotels and ask if they have a job for you. They are usually recruiting all year long, so you have a decent chance on success. Also, the working hours are usually after-school hours, which makes it great to combine with your studies.

4. Shops and stores

The same way you can just walk into restaurants, you can walk in to local small shops or stores. While the chance of recruiting is a bit slimmer than with restaurants, you can still try. They generally like employees who speak multiple languages as well, especially in larger cities.

5. Supermarkets

Local markets always look for new employees. The language barriers might make your search difficult, but perhaps you can work in the back of the market. In any way, asking never hurts!

6. On campus

The campus of universities generally is a place where language is not a barrier. Also, there are a lot of students working on campus as assistants or at the student desk. You as an exchange student might apply for such an opening. Also, you can offer to tutor on campus, most universities have special programs for that.

7. Translating

Using your own skills is a very entrepreneurial attitude! Just create an ad and spread the word to translate from you local language to English as a side job. You never know how large the document is that you are given, which increases you pay!

8. Cleaning

Cleaning is a job that does not require a lot of talking and communicating – ideal for international students thus. In general, you can clean for hospitals or businesses, which is not very heavy cleaning or lifting. Also, it is usually very early in the morning or later on the evening, which is easy to combine with school and classes.

9. Become a mailman at POSTNL

Do you want to know your neighbourhood better? Then working as a mailman is a good option for you. At POSTNL there are always some vacancies open. As an international student this is the best job to get to know your neighbourhood and to make some new friends while working.

We want to wish you good luck with whichever job you end up choosing!