Protect yourself and your personal information

Communication with landlords is essential when it comes to finding your new home. Sending messages through our safe messaging tool is a great start. But what happens when you actually want to call potential landlords or roommates, are you supposed to give out your personal information to every homeowner who shows potential? To be frank, no, you don’t. Here’s how you can communicate with your future tenants in a more secure way.

Protect yourself and your personal information

You no longer have to get an additional phone or sim card to get a second phone number. With the Dubline app, you can get an additional number linked to your smartphone. With it, you no longer have to share your personal phone number with strangers. Naturally, you can also choose to use your second phone number to make outgoing calls or send Whatsapp messages.

Distinct personal and professional calls

Have you ever picked up the phone, not knowing who is on the other side? Dubline filters incoming calls and lets you know on which number you are being called. Separate personal calls from friends or family and professional calls from potential tenants or employees, adjust your greeting accordingly and avoid awkward situations.

Never miss a call again

Going on a trip? Whether you are staying in the Netherlands or going abroad, you are able to receive calls on your second phone number. Regardless of where you are at the moment, incoming calls are free of charge, so you will never have to worry about missing another important call again.

Get a second number!