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15204 huurders in Nederland

Michelle 24
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Leiden | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Renata 19
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Groningen | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Mateo 20
Man · Student
Down to earth. Fluent both in English and Spanish. Clean and responsible. Experience living in other countries such as the U.S and Argentina. Capable of getting along with anyone. My main interests lie in computer science and indoor activities such as board games or video games. Though I appreciate the time for myself, I always look to hustle to improve my skills and go further to achieve my goals. Student at TU Delft.
Op zoek in: Delft + 10 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Eva 41
Vrouw · Werkend
Looking for a small studio or room in a shared house in Amsterdam, ideally until June 2023 but flexible!
Op zoek in: Amsterdam | Min. 20 m2 | Max. € 1750,- p/mnd
Amir Hossein
Amir Hossein 29
Man · Student
I'm a prospective master's student at Maastrich University. I'm 28, I love watching movies and socializing with people from different cultures. Not the best cook in the world, for sure :) I enjoy watching football, As a matter of fact, I was a Holland national team fan since i was very young. I love to talk about new technologies and finance and I'm fascinated by Netherland's adoption of new technologies. I can't wait to start my journey as a international student in the Netherlands.
Op zoek in: Maastricht | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Debora 51
Vrouw · Werkend
I live in Amersfoort and I’m looking for a nice place to call home.
Op zoek in: Amersfoort + 10 Km Onbepaalde tijd | 1,4 | Min. 20 m2 | Max. € 400,- p/mnd
Leonie 25
Vrouw · Student
Student from Switzerland looking for a shared flat in Amsterdam. Non-smoking and tidy.
Op zoek in: Amsterdam + 20 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Anna 19
Vrouw · Student
Hoi! Mijn naam is Anna en ik ben op zoek naar een kamer in Nijmegen. Ik ben pas geslaagd op het VWO in Zevenaar en ga deze zomer beginnen aan de studie European Law School aan de Radboud Universiteit, en hoop hier een leuke kamer bij in de buurt te kunnen vinden!
Op zoek in: Nijmegen | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 1000,- p/mnd
Mariia Ignateva
Mariia Ignateva 18
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Den Haag + 2 Km | Kamer | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Arya 30
Man · Werkende student
Op zoek in: Groningen + 5 Km Onbepaalde tijd | 2,4 | Min. 18 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Wanqi 21
Vrouw · Student
Hi~ I'm a Chinese girl looking for a place to stay in Leiden cause I'm about to go to Leiden University this September for my postgraduate study. I'm quite easygoing and have good living habits. I love spending enjoyable time with my future roommates together, but I'm generally a quiet person and some "alone time" would be great. Well, in short, I really appreciate it if I could be offered a nice home and I'm willing to make friends. :) (I don't think it's very safe to just post my personal documents in this profile, but if you need I could provide them to you in private when we communicate online. Thanks for your understanding!)
Op zoek in: Leiden | Min. 18 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Mabel 23
Vrouw · Student
Masters Student at TU Delft looking for housing with two friends. Excited to be in the Netherlands. Responsible, open-minded, and respectful.
Op zoek in: Delft + 10 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 1750,- p/mnd
Målin 19
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Groningen | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 700,- p/mnd
Til 20
Man · Student
Excited to join Amsterdam community
Op zoek in: Amsterdam + 5 Km Onbepaalde tijd | Studio | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Anna 25
Vrouw · Student
I am an erasmus exchange student from Slovakia. I study computer science and my interests are mainly music and boardgames. I am looking for a room from 22.8.2022 to 30.1.2023 in Utrecht for max 900€ Ik ben een uitwisselingsstudent uit Slowakije. Ik ben 25 jaar en studeer informatica. Ik ben op zoek naar een kamer van 22.8.2022 tot 30.1.2023
Op zoek in: Utrecht + 5 Km Tijdelijk | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 900,- p/mnd
Ellis 23
Vrouw · Werkend
Samen met mijn vriend ben ik opzoek naar een appartement in de omgeving van Delft.
Op zoek in: Delft + 20 Km | Appartement | Min. 20 m2 | Max. € 1300,- p/mnd
Tanvir 32
Man · Student
Hello, My name is Tanvir. I am from Bangladesh and will be starting my master's at Erasmus School of Economics on 1st September. I'm looking for a furnished private room, available by 1st August. Since I will be studying at Erasmus, my preferred locations are Rotterdam Centraal, Kralingen, and Crooswijk. It would be nice to have a good ventilated place, preferably with a terrace/garden. My budget is around 500-600? (including utilities) per month(a bit flexible). I am an extroverted, very clean, and very organized person. Very happy and cheerful. I am super passionate about marketing, so I work/study a lot. But I love to share some dinners or drinks with my housemates. I speak English, Bangla, and Hindi. Still learning Dutch Please send me a message if you have any information about vacant rooms or someone looking for housemates. Really appreciate any help! Thanks, Tanvir
Op zoek in: Rotterdam + 10 Km | Kamer | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Robert Johnstone
Robert Johnstone 57
Man · Student
Mature student will be on exchange from Finland, born in Scotland, living in Finland. Ex pro cyclist and professional astronomer, looking for a room or studio from September 2022 to July 2023, studying at Fontys. Non smoker, do not drink and do not do drugs. Easy going, great sense of humour.
Op zoek in: Eindhoven | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 400,- p/mnd