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Tishana 18
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Eindhoven + 5 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Meline 20
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Utrecht + 2 Km Onbepaalde tijd | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Emma 18
Vrouw · Student
Hey, ik ben Emma, 18 jaar oud, en ik zoek een leuk huis in de omgeving van Leiden omdat ik hier volgend jaar start met mijn opleiding! :)
Op zoek in: Leiden + 5 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Oana 27
Vrouw · Werkende student
Oana, 27 yo female living in UAE, looking for a room/studio/one bedroom near Roeterstraat ( max distance ~15 mins by bicycle). I am coming to the Netherlands to study one year program at UvA. Having a full-time job in Dubai, I am taking some time off to be able to focus on studying. I am tidy, social but not the type to host parties, and having a good history with my previous flatmates. Cheers
Op zoek in: Amsterdam | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 1200,- p/mnd
Marta 23
Vrouw · Student
Hi! I am a 23 years old student from Barcelona and I am coming to Eindhoven to study a master's degree. I am a very tidy, easy-going and adaptable girl. I love sports and all what they involve: having fun with friends, spending time outdoors, doing exercise (hiking, climbing...). Also, I really enjoy music and cooking. During the academic semester I tend to be quite busy with my studies, but I’m always available for having a beer with friends. I’m really sociable and open-minded, so I enjoy meeting new people. I want to find a room in a house with a friendly atmosphere, where studying, working and having fun are all possible.
Op zoek in: Eindhoven | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Kristian 21
Man · Student
Hi! My name is Kristian, and I am a psychology student at the University of Amsterdam. I am a tidy and respectful person, and I typically do not host parties of any kind except the occasional board game night! I enjoy cooking when I find the time to do so, both as a hobby and a social thing. When I do make food, it is usually for the entire apartment so we can all sit down and discuss our day together :). My hobbies include swimming, playing games of any kind and listening to some good music.
Op zoek in: Amsterdam + 5 Km | 1,2,4 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Andreas 22
Man · Student
My name is Andreas Liaropoulos, I am 22 years old (23 in October) and I come from Greece. I have been admitted to MSc Biology: Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology at Leiden University and currently I am looking for a place to live.
Op zoek in: Leiden + 10 Km | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Fathaah 23
Man · Student
I am an incoming Master's student in Mechanical Engineering. Having lived with flatmates for the past 2 years, I adapt quickly based on the dynamics of the household and involve myself in group activities without much time. I love cooking, playing video games and traveling. I am looking for a contract that starts in September ideally, but if our requirements match, I can also start the contract sooner.
Op zoek in: Delft | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Lois 21
Vrouw · Werkende student
Momenteel zit ik in mijn laatste jaar van de HAVO (Weet 100% zeker dat ik slaag) en ik wil volgend jaar gaan studeren. Mijn hobby's zijn muziek luisteren, lezen, shoppen en naar de film gaan.
Op zoek in: Nijmegen + 20 Km | 1,2,4,8 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Daniël 25
Man · Student
Goedendag, Voor mijn studie ben ik opzoek naar een kamer waar ik, in iedergeval, gedurende mijn studie in kan verblijven. Ik sta bekend als een rustige, maar toch zeer sociale type en dit reflecteert zich ook in de type woning die ik zoek.
Op zoek in: Tilburg + 20 Km | Min. 20 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Mare 18
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Utrecht Onbepaalde tijd | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Alexander 21
Man · Student
Op zoek in: Eindhoven | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Giovanni 23
Man · Student
Hi, I am looking for a room/apartment in Groningen starting september/october. I already have experience living with roomates, and I can adapt to different situations. I have had roomates that were very private and kept on their own and others that liked to spend time together, I always managed to get along with everyone. I also rented before so I understand the needs of tenants as far as order and cleanliness. I enjoy cooking, so I would certainly cook you a nice italian meal as a thank you :)
Op zoek in: Groningen | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Lukas 22
Man · Student
Currently studying for Bachelor's degree in social management (NPO-Management) searching for a room (Kamer) for rent as I want to study a semester abroad. Really enjoying nature's beauty, being surrounded by like-minded individuals, and investigating the possibilities life is given us. Somewhat of a Metal(core) head, passionate for Volleyball/Calisthenics, and a great (science) fiction fan of Walter Moers (esp. Rumo adventures in the dark). Open for answering requests or just exchanging ideas worth spreading. Stay safe and have a bright future. Lukas
Op zoek in: Zwolle + 2 Km | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 400,- p/mnd
Sander 22
Man · Student
Student Engels aan de universiteit Leiden
Op zoek in: Leiden + 5 Km | Min. 8 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Mihail 24
Man · Werkende student
I almost completed my master's degree and I am looking for a place to stay between the 10th of August and 31 of December.
Op zoek in: Rotterdam + 2 Km Onbepaalde tijd | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Oksanna 36
Vrouw · Werkend
Hello! I am Rosanna in my 30s, and am new to this vibrant and beautiful city full of flowers searching for a room, and have a good connection with my future flatmates! In my free time, I like to take walks, hike, do some volunteer activities, watch movies, am a fan of tennis, and I like Muay Thai, travel, and why not some wine! I am open to any new activity or adventure. I have experience in sharing accommodation so am very organized and tidy. I would like to share accommodation with people that respect each other’s spaces and is clean! ✌🏽Love to hear from you guys!!
Op zoek in: Amsterdam + 5 Km | Min. 18 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Daniel 31
Man · Student
Hey guys, I studied law, then psychology in Austria and have been working for an NGO the past couple of years. I am taking a year off work to study International Children's Rights at the University of Leiden. I am so looking forward to the year abroad not just for my studies (which I am super excited about!), but to meet new people, make new friends, enjoy good food and drinks together. Hope to find a relatively nice flat with easygoing and clean roomates, with whom I can have some good laughs. xoxo gossip girl
Op zoek in: Leiden + 10 Km | 1,2,4 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 900,- p/mnd