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Manon 18
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Leiden + 5 Km | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Sofia 19
Vrouw · Student
My name is Sofia, I'm a 19 years old Italian student and will be doing psychology at Leiden University. I've been living in Italy my whole life, but I went to Australia for 6 months as an exchange student and for a month to a summer school in Oxford twice: I love traveling and making new experiences! I am an easy-going, quiet, tidy and respectful person and I always get on very well with everyone. In my free time I usually watch movies, play sports and, in particular, I really like spending the day with friends and I'm always open to get to know new people, so I can't wait to make some new friends from different parts of the world!
Op zoek in: Leiden | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 700,- p/mnd
Martine 35
Vrouw · Werkende student
Op zoek in: Utrecht | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Emma 19
Vrouw · Student
Hoi! Ik ben Emma, 18 jaar. Ik hou van gezellig een terrasje pakken, koken en genieten van het zonnetje. Ik ben bijna klaar met het eerste jaar van de bachelor biologie in Leiden. Ik werk bij de hema en geef huiswerkbegeleiding en bijles aan middelbare scholieren. Ik hou heel erg van mensen en gezelligheid, maar ook van me terugtrekken met een kop koffie.
Op zoek in: Leiden + 5 Km | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Vincent 18
Man · Student
My name is vincent Vincent. I am 18 years old and will soon be studying at Radboud University, following the computer science course. I finished my high school doing the IB in Shanghai, and with that experience I have learnt to be responsible, polite and independent. I would love to find a warm home in Nijmegen. I speak both dutch and english
Op zoek in: Nijmegen + 10 Km | Studio | Min. 20 m2 | Max. € 700,- p/mnd
Aïnoa 19
Vrouw · Student
My name is Aïnoa Andries. I recently graduated from my last year of high school at the European School of Brussels I. I will be attending the Psychology Bachelor's program at Tilburg University from August 2021. I am looking for a room in a shared apartment near the university and furnished if possible. I am an organized and easy-going person. I am flexible regarding the atmosphere of the house (student life or calm). I am looking forward to living and studying in The Netherlands, as it will allow me to meet new people and discover new things.
Op zoek in: Tilburg | Appartement | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 1100,- p/mnd
Shanali 25
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Tilburg Onbepaalde tijd | 1,2,4 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Arturo 29
Man · Student
I'm a PhD student and going to start a short stay in Leiden University. I'm 28 years old, I like to read, cook and to play acoustic guitar.
Op zoek in: Leiden + 10 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Isaiah 25
Man · Werkende student
Op zoek in: Groningen + 5 Km Onbepaalde tijd | 2,4 | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 900,- p/mnd
Christina 24
Vrouw · Werkende student
Op zoek in: Amsterdam + 5 Km | 1,4 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Yannick 18
Man · Student
Ik ben Yannick Hoeijmans, 18 jaar net geslaagd voor het VWO op het Willem van Oranje in Oud-Beijerland. Volgend jaar ga ik studeren in Maastricht en zoek nog een kamer. Ik woon op dit moment nog in Numansdorp in Zuid-Holland. Ik hou van reizen, sporten en sport bekijken. Ik zoek een kamer het liefst binnen een kleine gezellige groep studenten.
Op zoek in: Maastricht | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Nkechi 17
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Delft Onbepaalde tijd | Min. 8 m2 | Max. € 400,- p/mnd
Olamide 24
Vrouw · Student
My name is Olamide,� I am a masters student studying in Webster University leiden Campus.� I am very accommodating and interact well with people.
Op zoek in: Leiden + 5 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Jazmin 19
Vrouw · Student
I'm a very warm, sociable and openminded person, who is really excited to make new friends. I love dancing, traveling and fishing as well.
Op zoek in: Breda + 2 Km | 1,2,4 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Sophio 24
Vrouw · Student
I'm female, 24. I'm from Georgia, Tbilisi. I was living the last couple of years in Sweden and Estonia where I obtained BA and MA in philosophy. Before starting phd in philosophy I'm doing an internship at UG at the department of transboundary legal studies (will be working at the intersection of law and philosophy). I'm not a party type. I’m a vey neat snd tidy person, working most of the week. I’m a non-smoker and vegetarian. 🙂
Op zoek in: Groningen + 5 Km | 1,4 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Sina 30
Man · Werkzoekend
Hi. My name is Sina and I will graduate from Radboud University by the end of August. I am 30 years old and like to socialize with people. I am super tidy and quiet. My living surrounding is very important to me, so I always keep the house clean.
Op zoek in: Nijmegen + 10 Km | Kamer | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Adem 31
Man · Werkende student
My name is Adem I work as a Contract Management Engineer in the Technical Directorate of Turkish Airlines. I will be traveling to the Netherlands to start a M.Sc. degree at TU/e in Eindhoven (I have been awarded a scholarship from TU/e which will cover my expenses abroad). Therefore, I am looking for an apartment in/near Eindhoven. My budget is around 650-740 euros. (Preferably with housing allowance (huurtoeslag)) I need a property with its own bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. I have my enrollment offer from the university and in order to obtain my residence permit I am, I need the apartment at the earliest convenience. Furthermore, I have a guarantor in the Eu i.e. Switzerland (my brother-in-law) if it is needed. In addition, I can submit a bank statement (I have 23k Euros laying around) if needed, and I have an apartment in Istanbul and a car registered in my name. I am willing to send any requisite documentation upon request. I am interested in any available property you have that meets the conditions above, and should you have any, I will take immediate actions (sending the money, paying the deposit, etc.) my friend will be signing on my behalf as soon as the contract is ready, he has a power of attorney which authorizes him to complete the transaction. Thank you in advance for your time and help. Met vriendelijke groet. Adem. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About me: I am a student in TU/e who worked in various positions ranging from engineering to cultural-liaison to interpreting and translating, and research and recently at Turkish Airlines as a technical maintenance specialist. In addition, I worked in both official and voluntary positions in Turkey and abroad for more than six years. I, Also, lived in two different cultures, and being multilingual (knowing Arabic, English, French and Turkish) aided me to develop a general high level of professional and intellectual abilities along with formal linguistics and natural language skills which is an essential need to communicate and have civilized dialogue with people from other cultures and different backgrounds. I am also a language enthusiast and I am interested in the Dutch language and culture and planning to make new friends in the Netherlands and explore the culture. I am also outgoing and possess a lighthearted sense of humor who likes to have fun and enjoy his time.
Op zoek in: Eindhoven + 5 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Leila 30
Vrouw · Werkend
I am about to start a job at Utrecht University and look for an apartment or studio for the coming year.
Op zoek in: Utrecht + 5 Km | 2,4,8 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 700,- p/mnd