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Akshobhya S
Akshobhya S 27
Man · Student
Hi , This is Akshobhya from India. I am relocating to Maastricht during August 2022 for the first time to pursue my masters degree in Data Science for decision making . My Ideal budget is around 300-600euro looking for a room/House. Feel free to contact me if you find anything beneficial for me. Looking forward to hear from you! -Thanks and Regards , Akshobhya.
Op zoek in: Maastricht + 2 Km | Min. 16 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Til 20
Man · Student
Excited to join Amsterdam community
Op zoek in: Amsterdam + 5 Km Onbepaalde tijd | Studio | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Penelope 20
Vrouw · Student
Hey there, I am Penelope, 20 years old and from Germany . Last year I graduated from Highschool and am currently doing a gap year! Since summer I travelled around, visited country’s such as Costa Rica, Indonesia and Thailand for example. I am very outgoing, I like to meet new people, get to know different cultures and lifestyles. That’s not only reason why I went traveling but also why I want to study in the Netherlands! This summer I want to start studying Creative Business in Haarlem. I am already registered at the Inholland Hogeschool but unfortunately I haven’t found a room yet! I am thankful for every help and looking forward to meet you! Kind regards Penelope
Op zoek in: Haarlem | Min. 20 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Ak 19
Man · Student
Hey there!! I present myself, Sungkur Akshat. Student at Maastricht University (SBE). Friendly and easily adaptive. Managing a household on my own is not an issue.
Op zoek in: Maastricht | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Lala 32
Hi! I am Lala, 32 yo woman from Indonesia. I have lived alone for a long time, so I like to cook and make up my surrounding, making sure everything is clean. I am a private person and I don't usually meddle with others unless I am invited. I hope to find a clean studio in Delft before September.
Op zoek in: Delft + 10 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Yoshiko 40
Vrouw · Werkend
Hello everyone, I'm Yoshiko, a Japanese working woman looking for a place for one person in the Netherlands. I keep everything neat and tidy, don't smoke, and have no pets. About myself : Japanese woman, 40 years old, honest, modest, and social. Freelance web developer/teacher Speak English(C2 level), Dutch(B1 level), Japanese(native) I like music, arts, animals, languages, horse riding, and meeting new people. I'm looking forwards to connecting with you.
Op zoek in: Den Haag + 20 Km Onbepaalde tijd | 1,2,4 | Min. 12 m2 | Max. € 900,- p/mnd
Anshul 28
Op zoek in: Utrecht | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Milena 21
Vrouw · Student
Hi everyone, I'm Milena, 21 years and from Germany! Get to know me a bit, people! I'm starting a Bachelor in Media Studies at Groningen University in September. I spend most of my free time at the gym, in winter I love going snowboarding, and in everyday life, I hang out with friends as much as I can! I also live mostly plant-based if that's important for your flat! I have experience living in shared flats - I've flatted in The Hague for half a year as well as in Germany. What I look for in roommates is having a chat whenever you cross paths in shared areas but also respecting privacy and tidying up after ourselves! If you have any more questions, let me know! Cheers, Milena :)
Op zoek in: Groningen + 5 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Tom 25
Man · Student
Hi! My name is Tom, I am 25 years old and will be studying in Utrecht as of September until February 2023. I would love to live in your house! My hobbies include cooking and running. I would enjoy joining in house activities as well.
Op zoek in: Utrecht | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Vasilij 18
Man · Student
My name is Vasilij Zafirov, I am a student who is looking for fairly cheap accommodation. I have no preferences regarding the size of the room/apartment and whether or not it is furnished. I do not make a mess of things and will keep my accommodations clean. I start with my studies on the first of September.
Op zoek in: Amsterdam + 10 Km Onbepaalde tijd | Kamer | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 800,- p/mnd
Lola Veldkamp
Lola Veldkamp 18
Vrouw · Student
18 jarige vrouw van het platteland in Friesland hoopt volgend schooljaar in Wageningen de opleiding: Moluculaire levenswetenschap te gaan volgen. Ik zal dus moeten verhuizen naar de stad Wageningen en ben daarom op zoek naar woonruimte. Ik ben opgegroeid tussen groen, de dieren, de vogels en de rust. Ik ken het uitgaansleven niet en weet niet of dit bij mij past. Ik ben een rustig serieus persoon. Mijn hobbies zijn onder andere wol spinnen, haken, natuur, accordeonspelen, (fanasie) boeken lezen maar ook gesprekken en diepgang over het hier en nu en het verleden kunnen mij plezierig bezig houden. Ik heb een rijbewijs en auto voor een 45 km autootje . Ben niet gehandicapt maar mijn motto is: met 45 kilometer per uur geniet je meer van de natuur. De studententijd in de stad zal voor mij een uitdaging zijn. Maar ik kijk er erg naar uit!
Op zoek in: Wageningen + 10 Km | Min. 20 m2 | Max. € 700,- p/mnd
Ram 23
Man · Student
I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, now pursuing my master's. I spend most of my time studying and would like to have a calm place to stay.
Op zoek in: Eindhoven | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Merijn 18
Vrouw · Student
Op zoek in: Delft | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Tasos 19
Man · Werkende student
Hi , I am Tasos a 19 year old guy who is going to start studying in the Netherlands , specifically at HAN university in Arnhem. I am searching for a room with cool people that we can also be friends and good roommates .
Op zoek in: Arnhem | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 400,- p/mnd
Isha 24
Vrouw · Student
I am an architect by profession and will soon be moving to Eindhoven for my Master's in Architecture and Urban Design at Technical University of Eindhoven. I am a passionate about Architecture studies, love to explore new places and very eager to move to Eindhoven. I hope to find accommodation here and be a part of this city.
Op zoek in: Eindhoven + 2 Km | Kamer | Min. 12 m2 | Max. € 700,- p/mnd
Thiện 23
Man · Student
My name is Thien, aka Sol. I'm 23 years old from Vietnam
Op zoek in: Eindhoven | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Julia 28
Vrouw · Student
Hi there, I am Julia from Finland and a third-year environmental sciences student at Avans University looking for a place to stay during my minor in Wageningen from Sept 22 till Feb 23. I enjoy peace and quiet and definitely no parties for me cause I am an old fart in the student world. Please don't hesitate to contact me and ask more!
Op zoek in: Wageningen | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Katharina 20
Vrouw · Student
My name is Kathi, I’m 20 years old and live in Osnabrück, Germany (which actually is close to the border of the Netherlands). I’m planning on moving to the Netherlands in September to study international sportsmanagememt. In my freetime I enjoy running, working out as well as hanging out and partying with friends. I also love traveling and skiing!
Op zoek in: Den Haag | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd