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Olivier van der Waal
Olivier van der Waal 18
Male · Student
Searching in: Delft + 5 Km | Room | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 400,- p/mnd
Zola 19
Male · Student
Ik ben Rick, 19 jaar oud en ga een opleiding volgen aan Creatice College in Utrecht. Ik ben op zoek naar een mooie kamer waar ik mijn studententijd uit kan zitten :)
Searching in: Hilversum | 1,2,4 | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 700,- p/mnd
Marcin 32
Male · Working
32 old, 2 years old doughtier, calm person with 0 addiction. Since 2015 I was working for Verizon company, now I'm want to settle down in Eindhoven for long stay or forever.
Searching in: Eindhoven | Room | Min. 10 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Pierre 18
Male · Student
Hello ! I'm a french student living in Strasbourg ! I will be studying computer science in Groningen next September. I play the guitar, do musicals, like to discover new things, meet new people and much more... I speak a fluent english, french, a bit of german and hopefully dutch soon ;) !
Searching in: Groningen + 5 Km | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Maria 18
Female · Student
My name is Maria, I come from Poland, I am 19 years old and I will be attending the Maastricht Science Programme at UM starting from September 2021. I have previously lived in a shared student accomodation with people from all over the world, so I am no stanger to communal living and all its perks. I love to cook and bake so I constantly experiment in the kitchen and share my food with friends and family. I am a very active person, I play tennis, volleyball, handball, I like fitness and going fror hikes in the nature. I love fashion, I sew my own clothes and make small jewelry, and I am very much into movies and TV shows. Oh and I am also a huge plant-lover and love to be surrounded with plants and turn my room into a mini jungle. I am a rather calm and private person who enjoys her peace and quiet, but I am of course down for spending some time and socializing with my flatmates. Whether it is cooking together, listening to music, drinking, watching movies or simply talking, I am down for everything!
Searching in: Maastricht + 5 Km | 1,4 | Min. 18 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Ángel 23
Hello, my name is Angel and I am 24 years old. After finishing a degree in commerce and digital marketing, I am currently studying a degree in psychology. To pay for my studies, I am working in a company dedicated to the sale of textiles, and I have been transferred to Amsterdam for a long period of time. For this reason, I am looking for a room in the city. I am a sociable person and I am very adaptable to any place. I am responsible and very careful with my belongings and others.
Searching in: Amsterdam + 5 Km Indefinite period | Studio | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 900,- p/mnd
Marit 24
Female · Student
Hoi! Ik ben Marit, 24 jaar en vanaf september 2021 MA Artificial Intelligence student aan de VU. Ik woon momenteel in Groningen, dus zoek een leuk plekje om te wonen in Amsterdam. Ik hou van fietsen, lezen, lekker buiten zijn en heb heel veel zin om met mijn studie te beginnen.
Searching in: Amsterdam | Studio | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Jonathan 23
Male · Student
Hi, I'm going to begin the second year in the Aerospace Engineering Bachelor at TU Delft and I'm looking for a room for the academic year 2021-22. I've previously studied nuclear physics at EPFL (Switzerland). I’m a quiet person, responsible, not noisy/annoying, tidy and organized. I speak fluent Spanish, French, English, Arabic, Italian and a bit of German. I’ve been living in Switzerland for 2 years while I was studying at EPFL, and I always have had a good reference from the previous owners and flat-mates
Searching in: Delft | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Michelle 21
Female · Student
Hoi, ik ben Michelle en ik zoek een kamer. Ik ben 17 jaar en ik ga studeren in Apeldoorn aan het saxion: hotelmanagement. Ik zoek gezellige huisgenoten, die niet roken.
Searching in: Arnhem + 10 Km | 1,2,4 | Min. 20 m2 | Max. € 700,- p/mnd
youp 19
Male · Student
Mijn naam is Youp en ga vanaf september werktuigbouwkunde studeren aan de TU Delft. Ik ben sociaal, ondernemend en sportief en hou van een feestje en 'een' biertje. Me aanmelden bij een studenten (sport)vereniging ga ik zeker doen. Ik ben op zoek naar een kamer in een gezellig jongens- of gemengd huis, waar (af en toe) samen wordt gegeten, geborreld en misschien nog meer gezamenlijke activiteiten worden gedaan zoals het organiseren van uitjes, huisfeesten en sportactiviteiten.
Searching in: Delft | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Martin 20
Male · Student
I am a Czech student coming from an international school. I am planning to study Applied Physics at RUG for my second year. I love sports, music, animals (dog owner but I am not taking my dog with me). I also like cooking, nature and capturing beautiful views outside. Cycling, swimming and hanging out belongs to my positives. I play a variety of sports from volleyball to football or basketball. I live only with my dad and an older brother who are mostly busy, so I am responsible for the household and my studies. I am open to anything and I am excited to start a new life with which you would help me a lot!
Searching in: Groningen | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Félix 22
Male · Student
Hello! I am Félix. I am a French student born and raised in Paris. I recently graduated from Sorbonne University in Paris. I am now moving to Amsterdam to become a Master's student in Artificial Intelligence at VU Amsterdam.
Searching in: Amsterdam + 5 Km | 2,4 | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 1100,- p/mnd
Tom 29
Male · Working student
Searching in: Tilburg | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 6000,- p/mnd
Walter 23
Male · Student
Hi! I am Walter, a master student of Ecolology and Conservation at the University of Groningen. I come from Rome, Italy, but I spent the past two years in Hamburg, Germany, where I firstly did an Erasmus year and then I start a research for the University. I believe I am a friendly and respectful person, I like to hang out but also to stay on my own. Also, I really like good food and I am always happy to make a good pizza or some home-made pasta :)
Searching in: Groningen | Apartment | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 1200,- p/mnd
Shanice 20
Female · Student
Searching in: Leiden | Room | Min. 8 m2 | Max. € 500,- p/mnd
Mare 18
Female · Student
Searching in: Utrecht Indefinite period | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Eileen 25
Female · Student
Hey :-) Ik zoek een tijdelijke kamer (mid aug/sep - feb).
Searching in: Leiden Temporary | Min. 6 m2 | Max. € 600,- p/mnd
Maes 18
Female · Student
Hi Maes hier, ik ben 18 jaar oud en ik ga mijn 2de jaar in van van bedrijfskunde. Ik ben ook vaak te vinden op het hockeyveld bij GHBS.
Searching in: Groningen | 1,4 | Min. 8 m2 | Max. € 300,- p/mnd