Terms and Conditions Kamernet

On this page you can find the terms and conditions of Kamernet, both in English and Dutch. If you have any questions relating to the terms and conditions, please contact us at supportdesk@kamernet.nl or via Facebook.

Kamernet has grown a whole lot in the last couple of years, of course with the help of you and all our other users. Because of this it is important to update our terms and conditions, so that they continue to represent our service. The current update includes additional terms and conditions about new product packets, improvements of our service that benefit our users and simpler explanations on existing terms. The new terms and conditions will apply for all existing and new users starting from August 2016. Hereby you can find the old and new terms and conditions of Kamernet.

Kamernet uses since August 2016 the following Terms and Conditions: as a PDF-file

Kamernet hanteert vanaf Augustus 2016 de volgende Algemene Voorwaarden: als PDF-bestand