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Are you looking for rental properties in Netherlands?

Searching for a suitable rental home can be a challenging process, especially when relocating to a new city as a student. Kamernet understands that it is essential to know what type of housing suits you best. Whether you are looking for an affordable student room, an apartment to share, or your own rental house, you have access to an extensive range of diverse rental homes in different cities.

The unique advantage of Kamernet is flexibility. Unlike social rental homes, you don't have to deal with registration periods and waiting lists. Once a new room, apartment, or rental house becomes available, you can contact the landlord directly and express your interest. Schedule a viewing, and if both parties agree, you can quickly move into your ideal rental home.

For students, Kamernet offers an extensive range of student rooms in various student cities. For young professionals who prefer to share an apartment, Kamernet is also the ideal place to find like-minded housemates.

Rental prices for a house can vary, especially with private rentals, and are often slightly higher than those for social rental homes. It is always wise to check if you are eligible for rental allowance to make the rent more affordable for your rental home.

Renting out a rental or owned home

Do you want to temporarily rent out your rental or owned home, or as a student or young professional, do you want to share your room or apartment? On Kamernet, you can easily offer your property to someone looking for temporary housing. Whether you are going on a trip or moving in with your partner, renting out your home can be a convenient solution. Keep in mind that permission from the landlord or housing corporation is often required when subletting a property. More information about the rules regarding subletting your room or home can be found in our article on this topic.

Start your search today and explore the various possibilities of room rental and apartment sharing through Kamernet.

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