125 places for rent in Enschede

Housing in Enschede

Enschede is located in the East side of Holland, in the province, Overijssel. Overrijssel is close to the German border, making Enschede the furthest city to the East with around 160.000 inhabitants. Enschede is a great city to rent a room, studio or apartment. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and it has great universities (technical and art). Throughout the years many improvements have been made to the city. Shops, bars, restaurants and cafes make it a great to rent a room in Enschede or of course a studio or apartment for a long or even short term.

Where to rent in Enschede

There are a lot of possible places to find a place to rent in Enschede. The old city centre provides easy access to all the events, bars and restaurants. Boddenkamp is a very central area in Enschede, so if you wish to be close to the city centre, find a place to rent there. You can also decide to choose other areas, such as, Stadveld, Ruwenbos or Stadsdeel West. It is not a very big city, so it doesn’t really matter where you decide to find a room, studio or apartment to rent in Enschede. The city centre is easily accessible from all areas, either by bike or public transportation.

How can you find a place to rent in Enschede?

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