Download the Kamernet app for free

S earching for a room, apartment or studio? Kamernet is the perfect place to start your search. With the new Kamernet app for your mobile phone, finding a home or placing your home for rent has become a lot easier.

Download the Kamernet app for free

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By using the map-view function on the Kamernet app you can see where the room, apartment or studio is located.You can also see if you have some shared friends with the tenants or your potential housemates. Activating the push notification makes it possible for you to always be updated about the newest rooms, apartments and studios on Kamernet.

Do you have a room, apartment or studio for rent? You can easily place it online via the Kamernet app. Your room, apartment or studio will be online in no time. Uploading photos is also possible and easy to do.

Download the Kamernet app for free on Google Playstore or Apple Store