Grote Houtstraat

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Grote Houtstraat, Haarlem

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Perfect share house with your fellow students! Our Cozy Lofts are all unique in their layouts. But every GHS Cozy Loft is delivered with a fully equipped kitchen including fridge freezer combination, oven, microwave, gril and a dishwasher, kettle and coffee machine, kitchen utensils, washer and all you need. You will also find a modern bathroom, shower and washing table, separate toilets. The bedroom is equipped with a nice queen size boxspring. Let the pictures tell you more about the unique settings we offer. Haarlem is located on the river Spaarne, giving it its nickname 'Spaarnestad' (Spaarne city). It is situated about 20 km (12 mi) west of Amsterdam and near the coastal dunes. Haarlem has been the historical centre of the tulip bulb-growing district for centuries and bears its other nickname 'Bloemenstad' (flower city) for this reason. There are several museums in Haarlem. The Teylers Museum lies on the Spaarne river and is the oldest museum of the Netherlands. The city contains several theatres, a cinema and other cultural attractions, several festivals and monumental buildings.

Wat je krijgt

Privé woonkamer

Privé keuken

Privé badkamer

Privé toilet

Internet beschikbaar

Onbekend energielabel

Geen huisdieren toegestaan

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Huur (exclusief vaste lasten)

€ 3.450


€ 1.000

Extra kosten

€ 450
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Grote Houtstraat, Haarlem

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73 m²

Gemeubileerd appartement

Beschikbaar vanaf 13 aug 2024

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