Kamernet, the N°1 in the Netherlands

Kamernet is the number one room network site where people can find a room, a tenant or a roommate. Unlike similar websites, Kamernet offers users the opportunity to directly communicate with counterparties.

The company was founded by two students in 2000, when they were looking for a room to rent during their college period. In 2008, Kamernet was taken over by a subsidiary of investment company Qmulus. Since the take-over, Kamernet has grown continually under accompagnement of Qmulus. In the Netherlands, Kamernet is market leader with a clear, functional and user-friendly platform where supply and demand are easily being matched. The company is currently connected to thousands of room seekers, tenants and landlords.

Qmulus is actively seeking for investment opportunities

Yvonne Swaans and Richard Westerhuis are experienced and successful entrepreneurs who are now involved in the business of Qmulus. Yvonne and Richard have been doing business since 1990 and as a couple, they have founded Direct Wonen Verhuurmakelaars.

After successfully expanding Direct Wonen, the couple focussed on take-overs and ways to improve company growth of companies in the investment portfolio. An example of one of these companies is Kamernet.nl

From our point of view, an entrepreneur always works better with a venturous participant because this combination can lead to strong and synergetic teamwork. Qmulus believes in entrepreneurship with focus, courage and a sense of timing. Successes must be celebrated and a drive for improvement has to be nested in the DNA of an entrepreneur or an enterprise.

On the other hand, there has to be ability to correct mistakes, push through less fortunate times and stop when facing a dead end. Keeping everybody involved and on top of their game is one of the duties that comes with this responsibility.

With capital and professional help from the Qmulus-team, companies can grow and take their business to the next level, with an ambitious path of growth.

Beside our expertise in operational excellence, we offer active support, which means that financial and strategic challenges are faced together as a team. Qmulus furthermore operates as a constructive and consulting sounding board for entrepreneurs.

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