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Rent a room on Kamernet

Renting a room in the city that you are going to study is a big part of your student life, especially when you are coming from abroad. Kamernet is the place to find your future roommates. Whether it is with other internationals students, Dutch students or a mix, Kamernet has a lot of offers in student cities such as rooms in Amsterdam, rooms in Groningen, rooms in Utrecht and rooms in Rotterdam. If you want that little bit more privacy, you can also find studios and apartments on Kamernet. Going on exchange? No worries! There are also plenty of temporary rooms, studios and apartments.

Rent a room in a student house

A student house is a house with several rooms where students live for the duration of their study also called shared living. Most student houses have a shared living room where you can socialize with your housemates/roommates. Student housing is very popular in the Netherlands and a lot of students remain friends for life. There are different types of student houses, there are those that are part of a student association, but also those that are not. It all depends on your preference. There are houses with only girls or boys, or mixed. The amount of roommates per student house is also varied. Some even have 20 roommates! When searching on Kamernet you can select several filters, this way you will only see the offers that match your wishes. By creating a public profile on Kamernet, landlords and roommates can find you and get in touch with you if you are the new tenant they are looking for.

Renting without shared facilities

Would you rather live by yourself? That is possible! There are numerous of studios and apartments advertised on Kamernet. When you are coming from abroad it might be difficult to bring all your belongings, that is why it might be easier to rent a furnished apartment. Most of the time the rent of a studio or apartment is more expensive than renting a room, but you can always check whether you are eligible for housing allowance. This will lower your housing costs per month.